HP ProCurve CLI CheatSheet

logDisplay log events (most recent last)
log -rDisplay log events (most recent first)
log A12Display log events of port a12
log A12 -rDisplay log events of port a12 (most recent first)
log log events of
show mac A5Show MAC-address of the device on port A5
show mac A4-A6Show MAC-adresss of the devices on ports between A4 and A6
show mac 00112233-445566Show which port device with MAC-address 00112233-445566 is connected
show vlanShow information about vlans on this swtich
show vlan ports A19Show VLAN ID and status of specific ports (A19)
show vlanShow ports on this vlan and port status
vlan 19Set switch to vlan 19
name SupportVLANName this vlan as “SupportVLAN”
tag A12Set port a12 as tagged on vlan 19 (First do vlan <19>)
tag A12,A13Set ports a12 and 13 tagged on vlan 19 (First do vlan <19>)
untag A12Set port a12 as untagged on vlan 19
vlan 19 tagged A12Set port a12 as tagged on vlan 19
vlan 19 untagged A12Set port a12 as untagged on vlan 19
vlan 19 untagged A12-A20Set port a12-a20 as untagged on vlan 19
no vlan 30Remove vlan setting on port 30 (Check comment by Simon before testing this)
show flashDisplays info about flash (version etc.)
copy running-config tftp filename.txtCopy your running config to file filename.txt at tftp server which IP is .
copy tftp startup hp_2524Copy your config (filename hp2524) from server via tftp to switch
copy tftp flash file.swiDownload and update your flash with file.swi from tftp server at
copy flash flash secondaryCopy software from primary to secondary image is not intuitive
copy flash flash primaryUpdated secondary image first then You could copy from secondary to primary
hostname poro_1Set switch hostname as poro_1
link-test 00112233-445566Test connectivity between switches (this switch and 00112233-445566)
show runShow running config
password operatorSet operator password (Normal user / read-only )
password managerSet manager password (Admin user / read-write)
password allSet operator and manager password
enableSwitch to manager lever from operator level
ping IP
chassislocateTurn on/off switch locator led or blink it (30 minutes)
chassislocate blink 10Blink switch locator led 10 minutes
ntp1 first.timeserver.netAdd first.timeserver.net to NTP server list
timesync ntpEnable NTP syncronization with servers

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