How to reset Logitech bluetooth keyboard?

My Logitech K810i bluetooth keyboard sometimes start to do it’s own things and output wrong characters when I try to type something. Example when I try to use “<" or ">” I get something like “§” and “½” and so on to my screen. Rebooting the computer or turning the keyboard on and of didn’t work but there is pretty easy fix to this. You just have to:

1. Press “Escape” 
2. then “o”
3. then “Escape”
4. then “o”
5. then “Escape”
6. then “b”

and now your keyboard should be reseted. If this didn’t help try to unpair your Logitech bluetooth keyboard from your machine before this but I haven’t done that and this has still worked fine. You might need to reconnect your Logitech bluetooth keyboard to your computer after this but that you do normal way depending about your computer OS and so on. This probably works with other Logitech bluetooth keyboards too but I have only tested this with my Logitech K180 bluetooth keyboard.

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